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NordFX Currency Converter is a handy instrument that helps you get an instant rate of one currency versus another.

Currency converter tool

There are about 180 currencies in the world, apart from cryptocurrencies. And there are more than five thousand cryptocurrencies. It is interesting that this number is constantly growing. Our currency converter tool includes not only popular currencies such as USD, EUR, JPY and GBP, but also such exotic currencies as ZAR, NOK, SGD and many others. There are also online rates of the most popular cryptocurrencies.

Currency conversion process
Online Currency Converter is very easy to use:
  • 1Choose necessary Currency From;
  • 2Choose the corresponding Currency To;
  • 3Type the amount;
  • 4Press the Convert button;
  • 5Check the result in the Value section.

Did you know that China created the first paper money? But it was only in the seventeenth century that European countries started to use banknotes. The first country to use paper money in Europe was Sweden. The most popular currency today U.S. dollar was first printed in 1861.

Currency Exchange

It was necessary to exchange currencies for trading, and thus the first currency exchange appeared in Amsterdam in the seventeenth century. With the introduction of the internet, currency conversion became faster and easier. It is an instant online process now.

Although the primary goal of currencies is to buy other things, there is a way to make a living by trading currencies. Floating currency conversion allows you to benefit from currency rates. Foreign Exchange Market (FOREX) is one of the biggest financial markets in the world. Not only individuals are involved in electronic trading but also banks, businesses, etc. Forex is the biggest currency exchange service in the world.

Currency Trading

We invite you not only to use our online currency converter tool, but also trade these currencies and profit on these transactions. You can buy and sell currencies online in the trading terminal MetaTrader4 downloaded from this website. Different currency pairs can be traded with NordFX, including cryptocurrencies. All you need to do is to take a few steps:

Open an<br> account
1. Open an
Download<br> a trading terminal<br> (MT4)
2. Download
a trading terminal
Fund your<br> account
3. Fund your
Choose preferred<br> currencies to trade
4. Choose preferred
currencies to trade
Make<br> a trade
5. Make
a trade
Start Trading *Currency rates are supplied by a third-party provider. NordFX will not accept any liability for the accuracy or relevance of these rates. Please also note that exchange rates in the currency converter on this page may differ from buy/sell rates in the trading terminal MT4.
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